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I count it a great privilege to be on the air every morning!  I mean, let's face it, I've got a pretty important job to do each day here on the Glow Morning Show.....I've got to get you up!

Not only that, but I want to help you start your day the right way.  I start with great music to inspire and encourage you. Then I get into God's Word and pray with you.  We hit some great topics, give away amazing prizes and laugh at every opportunity!

Yes its a BIG job but somebody's got to do it...I'm just glad I get to!


I tell you the truth, anyone who gives you a cup of water in my name because you belong to Christ will certainly not lose his reward.

Thoughts on Today's Verse...

This simple and clear passage cuts two ways: First, we are blessed when we bless God's children, even if the blessing is simple. Second, we can rejoice when others do the simplest things to bless us in Jesus' name, because we receive the kindness and grace of others and because God blesses that kindness with his overwhelming grace. Bottom line — let's live to be a blessing! When we do, God is blessed. We are blessed. We bless others. In addition, when others are gracious to us, God has also promised to bless them. God pours his blessings out on all of us. In God's miraculous economy, the more we bless each other, the more blessings there are for everyone!

My Prayer...

Gracious and loving Father, please use me this week to be a blessing to everyone around me. But this week, dear Father, please lead me into the life of someone who desperately needs your grace. Please give me discernment to see them when you bring them across my path. Give me courage to reach out and bless them. Keep them on my heart and help me as I seek to be a long-term blessing to them. In Jesus' name I ask for your help and grace to use this opportunity for your glory. Amen.




“Sometimes we confuse our agenda we have for God with God himself.  The best way to not speak for Him and let Him speak to you - the scriptures.” – Tim Keller

Should Christians celebrate Halloween? Here are three reasons why we think you should. - Kenneth Reid (

Growing up in an Evangelical Christian home, Halloween was the one holiday I was never quite sure what to do with. My family, and church, always celebrated Christmas and Easter, of course. But Halloween? That one wasn’t so simple.

Some Christians completely ignore Halloween and wait for it to pass on by. Others fully embrace it—candy, pumpkins, costumes and all. Still others, like my church growing up, try to implement an alternative.

Some churches host “Fall Festivals” or similar Halloween alternatives. The intention is to create a fun and safe environment for kids that isn’t directly associated with the traditional holiday.

My church did “Hallelujah Night,” which included fun games, a hayride, candy and “No costumes, please.” This is what I did every year when I was young. (Yes, I’m 29-years-old and have never gone trick-or-treating).

But now that I have a four-year-old, I am in a position to think and make decisions about how my family would respond to Halloween. And my wife and I have decided to join in the festivities this year.

Here are three reasons why.

1. Because Christians are called to redeem everything.

I once heard a preacher say that as Christians, we interact with the world in one of three ways. We can either receive, reject or redeem the things of this world.

As it pertains to Halloween, to “receive” it means to embrace and celebrate it as is, to “reject” it means to not participate at all and to “redeem” it means to approach it with a uniquely Christian perspective.

And while I know that Halloween isn’t a perfect holiday, it is for many people an innocent, fun and tasty way to spend time with their families. And for that reason, it’s totally redeemable.

In fact, if you approach it with the right perspective, trick-or-treating can actually be an opportunity to minister to the people around you, which brings me to number two.

2. Because it’s a great opportunity to meet your neighbors.

If you’ve been to your neighbor’s house in the last 30 days, chances are it was to ask them to turn down their music so your kids can go to sleep.

But Halloween is the only day of the year when neighbors go to each other’s houses to have fun (and get chocolate!). In other words, participating in Halloween actually forces you to get outside yourself and meet the people in your neighborhood.

And who knows what conversations you might have, and what opportunities you might get to encourage or even pray for one of your neighbors.

3. Because it’s a teaching opportunity with your kids.

Halloween allows you to teach your kids the importance of getting out of their comfort zones and interacting with other people.

For all the times we tell our kids to put their phones down and look someone in the eye, trick-or-treating requires kids to do just that.

They have to be brave and knock on a stranger’s door, look them in the eye and have a conversation. And it comes with a tasty incentive.

All things considered, Halloween might be one of the most enjoyable and even ministry-focused things you will do with your family this year.


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4 Steps to Socially Connect With Anyone - 10/10/19 (

Dr. Joe Martin


I remember reading an article in Forbes Magazine a few years ago that said that when 100 of the top CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies were asked to share the one skill to which they attribute most of their success, most of them said “the ability to communicate effectively with almost anyone.” Connecting with others is important.

But what do you do if you’re like me, or most of the men I meet, mentor, and coach, who are “socially-challenged?” If you’d rather go shopping with your wife than talk to a stranger or mingle with men you don’t know, connecting with others can be difficult. But it gets easier if you steal (I mean borrow) my simple 4-step strategy for turning strangers into friends and friends into brothers.

Step 1: Always start by asking, “What’s your story?”

The truth is, everyone has a story. Most people just never ask about it. I usually surprise men when I ask to hear their stories, but then I explain. I want to know how they ended up sitting next to me on a plane, where they started in life, what almost stopped them, what kept them going, and how life’s going right now. This question, which shows you care before you share, can kill at least 15 minutes, depending on how many follow-up questions you ask.

Step 2: Ask, “If you could succeed at anything, what would you attempt to do professionally?”

This question reveals a person’s secret desires. Not only does every man have a story, but every man also has a dream. He may be living it already or just starting to pursue it, but unfortunately, most men aren’t doing either. Most men have settled for safety over pursuing success. By asking this question, you give him permission to dream again, even if it’s only for a moment in your presence.

Step 3: Ask, “If you don’t mind my asking, what stops you from pursuing that dream?”

This is a touchy question because you’re tapping into his fears, doubts, and insecurities. What he sees as reasons for settling are more than likely excuses that have been preventing him from becoming the man he desires to be. Just listen as he tells you what’s been getting in his way and what he perceives as insurmountable obstacles. And if by chance he is living his dream, ask him to tell you what steps he took that led to his success.

Step 4: Ask, “What can I do to support you if you really want to do that?”

This is my favorite question. It lets him know I want to help him, as opposed to wanting something from him. I’m digging to find out what he needs that hopefully, I can provide. Why? Because unfortunately, we live in a society where most people have selfish motives, usually to further their own careers or agendas. Yes, I have an ulterior motive, too. But it’s to serve you by allowing God to use me to help you become the man you were called and created to be.

So regardless of how shy or introverted you think you are, trust me—you don’t have to be a great talker to build relationships. If you’re interested in connecting with others, you just have to be a good listener and a humble servant. Because like the late Zig Ziglar used to say, you can always get what you want if you help enough people get what they want.


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