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Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

Thoughts on Today's Verse...

We are to be a people who do good deeds! When God gives us the opportunity, let's take it! Unlike those in the world looking to get ahead, to get even with someone, or to get out of difficult situations, let's look for opportunities to do good!

My Prayer...

Only you are truly good, Father, but I pray that some of that goodness may be seen in me and in your Church as we serve you today, this week, and until the time the Savior returns for us in glory. Help us to be aware of and to look for the opportunities that you give us to do good to and for others. In Jesus' mighty name I pray. Amen.




“When we minister to people, we are the face of Christ to others. Let's model His grace.” – Chuck Swindoll

7 Gifts to Give Your Family Every Day - 4/15/19 (

Mark W. Merrill


With spring in full swing, we are entering the season of Mother’s Day and anniversaries. It would be wise to make a list of all of the possible gifts to get for these events. However, before you put your pen away, use it to make another list of things to give year-round to the people who are most important to you.

Putting time and effort into choosing just the right present for someone is a great way of demonstrating how much they mean to you. However, anniversaries, Christmas, and birthdays come only once a year, and you don’t have to wait twelve months to give them something meaningful. Here are 7 gifts to give your spouse, your children, and others close to you every single day. They won’t affect your wallet and the results could be priceless.

1. The benefit of the doubt.

You sense a note of disapproval or a hint of criticism in something your spouse says. It seems that your teenage son has deliberately disregarded your rule about no dirty shoes in the house again. Don’t automatically assume the worst. Believe the best and find out more before jumping to conclusions that can unnecessarily put you in adversarial mode.

2. Your attention.

“One of the best gifts you can give someone does not involve bringing a present, but being present. ”

One of the best gifts you can give someone does not involve bringing a present, but being present. Really focus on being with them, not with your cell phone. Also, focus on what they are saying to you. We men particularly need to recognize that there’s a difference between hearing and listening. I may be able to repeat back to Susan word for word what she told me in a conversation, but she knows whether I’m really listening or not. Here are some ideas on how to communicate better with your spouse.

3. A hand.

Of course, you pitch in to help when there’s a big need, but those little things can mean a lot too. What can you do to help lighten their load on a regular basis? If Susan is going to be driving somewhere, I make sure the car is gassed up. It’s not that she couldn’t do it herself, but that simple gesture fills her “love tank” too. So pick up the dirty clothes or replace that burned-out light bulb without having to be asked. This article on Four S’s to Show Kindnessmay give you some more ideas.

4. Your acceptance.

Your spouse and children need to know that you are for them. That you may not always approve of what they do, but that your love for them is not based on their actions. Let them know I love you, no matter what. You might speak this, but you will also show it in your actions and your attitude. A smile and a hug can tell someone they are safe when the world seems to have ganged up on them. Ask yourself: Do you accept your children for who they are?

5. Your affirmation.

Encouraging words are never more powerful than when they come from those we love. Don’t just assume they know you appreciate and support them: Vocalize it. Tell your wife how you admire the way she models integrity and faith in all she does. Speak appreciatively to your husband of his work ethic and diligence. Validation is vital in filling the 4 chambers of your husband’s heart. Remark to your children about how proud you are of them. You may want to memorize these six short sentences your child needs to hear you say.

6. Your best.

Too often those that matter most to us get the least of us. We can be so busy running around meeting our obligations that by the time we come home, there’s not a lot of energy left for what truly matters. We end up running on fumes rather than fueling our most important relationships. Give them your freshest and best, not your leftovers. Make a point of reserving space for your family. Schedule a family dinner or a date with your wife on your calendar. Keep that commitment.

7. Your wisdom.

This gift needs to be offered carefully, but it will be appreciated when shared at just the right time and the right way. As my children have grown. I have developed more of a coaching and mentoring role with them, being less directive and instead sharing with them from my experience. Tone of voice is important, too. Offer a life lesson, rather than a lecture. Sharing your wisdom freely with your children communicates that they are important.


3 Ways to Be the Man Your Wife Can’t Resist - 4/11/19 (

Dr. Joe Martin


As a former college professor and public school teacher for more than 24 years, I know that it’s hard to do something that you were never taught how to do. That holds true whether you’re trying to master math or trying to master marriage as a husband. You can’t grow if you don’t know.

When my son was 13, he wanted to know what it took to become attractive and irresistible to women. I told him, I couldn’t speak for all women, but if he ever wanted to “outkick” his coverage and land an amazing woman like I did, then he simply needed to remember the acronym H.O.T.. I told him, every H.O.T. man is irresistible to his wife.

1. He’s Humble.

I read in the Bible the other day in James 4:6-8, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” We’re not talking about false humility in deflecting praise and the adulation of others. An irresistible man is a humble man because he’s teachable. He admits when he doesn’t know the answer, and he’s not afraid to ask others for it. He’s humble enough to be patient with his wife as he learns her heart and how to love her better. He’s also willing to learn and listen to other seasoned husbands on how to be a better man.

And when he makes a mistake in his marriage, he’s willing to admit when he’s wrong; he’s the first to apologize, to forgive, and make amends, putting her needs before his own. He’s irresistible to his wife because he doesn’t allow his ego or stubborn pride to push his wife away. He shows his internal strength by humbly admitting his struggles to his wife instead of hiding them.

2. He’s Obedient.

This is not a word most men embrace, but it’s a character trait most wives find irresistible. It speaks to a man’s ability to respect authority, especially God’s authority. A wife knows that a husband who respects authority OUTSIDE the home is also a husband who won’t abuse his authority IN the home. An obedient man is willing to step up when it’s difficult and even when it’s unpopular. When things go wrong, an obedient man accepts responsibility for it, because as a leader, he knows that even though it may not be his fault, it’s always his responsibility.

He doesn’t shy away from his role as a leader; he courageously embraces it, and in turn, he earns the respect of his wife and children, because he’s leading by example, not excuses. And how can a wife resist a man who’s obedient in loving and leading his family?

3. He’s Trustworthy.

They say a man is only as good as his word. If that’s true, then a trustworthy man who speaks the truth in love and rather loses the woman he loves than lie to her is darn right irresistible to women. Because most women consider trustworthy men to be an endangered species. If you don’t believe me, just ask any wife who’s been lied to, betrayed, or deceived by a man. I learned this lesson the hard way from my first marriage. I discovered that it may take years to build trust, but it only takes a minute or a moment to ruin it.

A trustworthy man doesn’t hide, withdraw, isolate, or keeps secrets from his wife. If you want to become irresistible to your wife, be trustworthy: choose disclosure over deception; heart honesty over hurt feelings; and sharing over secrecy. I know being humble, obedient, and trustworthy probably aren’t the usual things you hear from women when they’re looking for “Mr. Right”; but trust me, when it comes to being married, these character traits are usually at the top of the list of what women say went wrong in the marriage after a divorce.




By Landry Holmes and LifeWay Kids Staff

The Church is in a time of crisis.

More specifically, the Church has an evangelism crisis. We live in a free country and are allowed to talk about Jesus openly in most contexts. Nothing is stopping us from inviting others to our churches. We don’t live in a place where we risk our livelihood to lives to share the gospel.

Yet, researchers tell us we aren’t doing it.

LifeWay Research found 80 percent of protestant churchgoers say they have a personal responsibility to share their faith. However, 61 percent say they haven’t shared how to become a Christian with anyone in the past six months. And 48 percent say they haven’t invited anyone to church in the past six months.Does this surprise you? Perhaps it does, since many of us are in ministry and feel like we’re sharing the gospel regularly.

How are you doing outside the walls of your church? Are you sharing the gospel regularly with friends, neighbors and others in your life?

And do the statistics above describe the people in your church? These questions should make us uncomfortable. Sharing Jesus with those who don’t know Him is what we’re called to do as Christians.

At the same time, we have to consider the fact that tens of thousands of children have come to Christ through Vacation Bible School (VBS) each year for many decades.

But what’s concerning is that fewer churches are doing VBS each year. A study by Barna Research states 81 percent of U.S. churches offered VBS in 1997. However, by 2012 that number had dropped to 68 percent.

The Church has an evangelism crisis and one of the best methods of spreading the gospel—VBS—is diminishing. It’s time to face the problem head-on and realize we have to approach this crisis with urgency.

Here are four reasons VBS is critical to the mission of your church—making disciples and reaching your neighbors with the gospel.


Among Americans who say they attended VBS as a child, 89 percent agree that positively influenced their spiritual growth.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Among Americans who say they have a child who has attended VBS, 95 percent agree that participating in VBS positively influenced their child’s spiritual growth.

Perhaps most amazingly, 71 percent agree that participating in VBS would have directly impacted their child’s spiritual growth in positive ways.

VBS provides the dual purpose of introducing participant to Jesus Christ and providing valuable spiritual growth of more kids than ever.

The driving message of VBS is the same whether you have five kids or 5,000, whether you’re in a megachurch or on a mission trip. Whether you have high-tech production resources or simply you bible and a teaching picture—it’s the message of Jesus Christ.


VBS is synonymous with “summer” in many church settings. Why? Perhaps because it has been around in one form or another for more than a century. In kids’ ministry, which is sometimes marked by trendy, short-lived fads, VBS is one of the few ministries with real staying power.

VBS’s longevity proves it’s a dependable ministry and successful strategy. More than two-thirds (69 percent) of American parents say they would encourage their child to attend VBS at a church they don’t attend if their child was personally invited by a friend.

Let that sink in for a moment—that’s 69 percent of all American parents. Not just Christian or unchurched parents—that includes Muslim parents, Buddhist parents, agnostic parents, and parents from all socioeconomic statuses.

Why would we walk away from this kind of brand awareness?

VBS has been carefully stewarded for over a century as an effective tool for sharing the gospel. The reason VBS remains attractional and so important is because it gives churches the opportunity to impact lives for eternity as kids, teens, and adults come to know the saving power of Jesus Christ.


We know VBS attracts people from the community, but what is it about VBS that gets an army of church members out of their seats and hot-gluing googly eyes or leading wacky games?

What is it that propels churches all over the country and across the globe to use VBS, bringing new life to their ministries?

VBS energizes the local church for gospel ministry. When that energy is contagious it begins to spill out of the church doors and into the community.

A church plant in a small Pennsylvania town was experiencing difficulty establishing a solid membership base. The church, started by six people, seemed to be in the brink of fizzling out.

One member decided she was going to help host a VBS for the neighborhood children. Soon families were bringing their kids and learning more about the church—which grew to serve 55 of those families.

VBS creates energy in the local church because at the center of all the fun and craziness is the truth of God’s Word.


Not only does VBS energize a congregation, it mobilizes a local to reach it’s community with the gospel.

Teenagers, college students, single adults, newlyweds, married adults with or without kids, empty nesters, and senior adults all come together with one singular goal—to help create a life-transforming, gospel-centered VBS experience for every single boy and girl.

To see this diverse group of people roll up their sleeves and work together to share Christ with kids is to see the body of Christ in action—regardless of their particular giftings or weaknesses.

In order for VBS to be a true mobilizer, we must accept the responsibility that VBS is a total church endeavor.


As churches debate whether VBS is worth their time and investment, it’s time to ask, what else could replace this valuable vehicle for the gospel in children’s lives?

If churches stop doing VBS, how will millions hear the gospel and tens of thousands make new commitments to Jesus Christ?

These reasons are why VBS is critical to your church’s mission.

LANDRY HOLMES (@lrholmes) is publishing manager for LifeWay Kids.


TOP 10 Ways to reduce stress

10. Eliminate the sense of entitlement

9. Make time to exercise

8. Drink more water

7. Read and write more

6. Give without expecting a get

5. Be a better friend

4. Quality time with family

3. Do not respond to negativity

2. More random acts of kindness

1. Be honest