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Your New Money Mindset:  Create a Healthy Relationship with Money
Author: Brad Hewitt & James Moline   
Binding Type:  Paperback
Publisher:    Tyndale
ISBN:  9781496407801
Retail Price:  $15.99
From the Publisher:
Your New Money Mindset is a new way of thinking about the role money plays in our lives. Many of us live with ongoing, and often unexamined, tension related to money. Few of us have really escaped the credit-card trap or freed ourselves from worries about having enough for the future. Co-authors Brad Hewitt, CEO of Thrivent Financial, and James Moline, licensed psychologist, believe we haven’t spent enough time examining our fundamental attitudes toward money and aligning those attitudes to our core values. Before you can remake your money habits, you need to start with your heart. In Your New Money Mindset, Brad and Jim guide you through the Money Mindset Assessment, which will help pinpoint what attitudes about money you could work on in order to develop an openhearted attitude to life. The goal is to cultivate a surplus mindset that allows you to enjoy what you already have and be generous toward others. Discover today how to free yourself from the money trap and create a healthy relationship with money. 


Beating The College Debt Trap:  Getting a Degree Without Going Broke
Author: Alex Chediak
Binding Type:  Paperback
Publisher:    Zondervan
ISBN:  9780310337423
Retail Price:  $15.99
From the Publisher:
Beating the College Debt Trap presents students with a better way to do college. The radically counter-cultural truth is that students don't have to be totally dependent on Mom, Dad, or Uncle Sam to get the most out of college. Graduation on a solid financial foundation is possible. But it will require intentionality, creativity, hard work, and a willingness to delay gratification.

Chediak gets into the nitty-gritty of how to pay less for college, get meaningful work during college (while setting yourself up for success after college), pay off any loans quickly, spend less, save more, and stay out of debt for good. He also unpacks how to transition from college into career, honor God while achieving financial independence, and use your finances to make a positive, eternally-significant difference in the lives of others.

As a young professor with an aptitude for finances and money management, Chediak has become particularly concerned with the financial health of students, especially in light of the ever increasing costs of college. In Beating the College Debt Trap he helps do something about this problem. He engages, in a friendly manner, the "real world" financial issues that 17-25 year olds face, with clarity, practical help, lots of illustrations, and a little humor, while conveying a distinctly Christian perspective.


God Is My Strength: Fifty Biblical Responses to Issues Facing Women Today
Author: Patricia A. Ennis
Binding Type:  Paperback
Publisher:    Christian Focus Publications
ISBN:  9781781916421
Retail Price:  $9.99
From the Publisher:
Women of the twenty-first century are faced with a myriad of issues. God Is My Strength: Biblical Responses to the Issues Facing Twenty-first Century Women
calls upon the Word of God to carefully answer 50 vital questions that every woman is facing today. Pat's loving approach will engage searching hearts and minds. She sensitively relates practical answers, keen guidance, and helpful approaches to steer them for a lifetime of honor to Christ.


Rediscovering Discipleship:  Making Jesus’ Final Words Our First Work
Author: Robby Gallaty
Binding Type:  Paperback
Publisher:    Zondervan
ISBN:  9780310521280
Retail Price:  $15.99
From the Publisher:
With simple principles that are easy to apply, Rediscovering Discipleship provides readers with the tools to go and actually make disciples who multiply and make disciples. Robby Gallaty offers a step-by-step process for readers to get started on the path to effective disciple making.


Unanswered: Lasting Truth For Trending Questions
Author: Jeremiah J. Johnston
Binding Type:  Paperback
Publisher:    Whitaker House
ISBN:  9781629116563
Retail Price:  $11.99
From the Publisher:
Questions have power: Unanswered questions linger. Within the church today, there exists a deepening chasm of unanswered questions. Ignoring these questions can lead to individual skepticism and wholesale disbelief. In Unanswered, author Jeremiah Johnston, Ph.D., provides you with the information, insight, and confidence needed to help friends and family discover God's goodness for their lives, even in the midst of difficult times.


How Biblical Free Enterprise Can Empower Your Faith, Family and Freedom
Author: Josh Tolley
Binding Type:  Paperback
Publisher:    BenBella Books
ISBN:  9781940363776
Retail Price:  $16.95
From the Publisher:
It has become clear that we are living a lie, and it has brought devastating results: Bankruptcy among churchgoers is equally as high as those who don’t attend. Financial misconduct is destroying marriages, families, individuals, and churches. A record number of churches are in foreclosure.

The church teaches us it’s normal to have student loans, car payments, mortgages, and credit cards. It calls poverty a curse but isn’t doing much to correct the problem, and it focuses on tithing and the elimination of personal debt—but debt elimination is not enough.

Wouldn’t you rather thrive in your finances and live the life God has called you to?

Evangelpreneur will teach you:
How to get your financial life to line up with your faith life
How to save your family and your church from financial ruin
How to recognize if God is calling you to entrepreneurship
How to use entrepreneurism to do God’s work on Earth

For too long, the faithful have been held hostage by false teaching, bad teaching, and the poor practice of good teaching. It’s time to break free from the bondage tied to financial issues and become an Evangelpreneur.


Raising Uncommon Kids:  12 Biblical Traits You Need To Raise Selfless Kids
Author: Sami Cone
Binding Type:  Paperback
Publisher:    Baker Books
ISBN:  9780801018787
Retail Price:  $13.99
From the Publisher:
Many parents are surprised to discover just how little we're actually modeling the behaviors we hope to pass on--qualities such as unconditional love, gentleness, forgiveness, patience, gratitude, humility, and more. This unique book offers a fresh way to look at molding your children: by focusing more on adding good behaviors than on eliminating bad ones.

Grounding her advice in Scripture, Sami Cone shares stories from her own life to show these principles in action. And she outlines practical things you can do right now to create a home and family that exhibits love, harmony, and generosity of spirit in a self-centered world.