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Finding Faith In The Dark
Author:  Laurie Short

Binding Type:  Paperback
Publisher:    Zondervan
ISBN:  9780310337119
Retail Price:  $15.99A
From the Publisher:
What do you do when you are handed a life you didn’t expect? When the things you desired most haven’t come the way you prayed? When it seems like faith is lost, is it possible for a stronger faith to be found? In Finding Faith in the Dark, speaker, author, and associate pastor Laurie Short answers a resounding, “Yes!”


Love Well:  Living Life Unrehearsed and Unstuck
Author: Jamie George
Binding Type:  Paperback

Publisher:    David Cook
ISBN:  9781434707284

Retail Price:  $14.99
From the Publisher:
Do you feel stuck? There is a way to get moving again. A path to a life of grace, peace, and deeper faith is up ahead.

Many people have been manipulated and abused by religion. Many have been hurt and ignored in relationships. In Love Well, you will discover how to get unstuck. You will be equipped to set boundaries and build long-lasting, meaningful relationships. Ours is not a condemnation story but rather an adventurous love story. Through deeply personal reflections and stories, Jamie George speaks candidly regarding his lack of faith in organized religion and his struggle to survive in a broken marriage. Jamie weaves his own story through ancient tales and sprinkles in enough pop culture anecdotes to keep you coming back for more. You will laugh and you will cry. And if you follow his twelve prompts, you will experience a life filled with a lot less pressure and a lot more fun.

Love Well is an invitation to experience a life of joy and freedom. Come along and enjoy the journey!

Packing Light: Thoughts on Living Life with Less Baggage
Author: Allison Vesterfelt
Binding Type:  Paperback

Publisher:    Moody Publishers
ISBN:  9780802407290

Retail Price:  $13.99
From the Publisher:
What do you need to leave behind?

When I was in college, I figured my life would come together around graduation. I'd meet a guy; we'd plan a beautiful wedding and buy a nice house-not necessarily with a picket fence, but with whatever kind of fence we wanted. I might work, or I might not, but whatever we decided, I would be happy.

When I got out of college and my life didn't look like that, I floundered around, trying to figure out how to get the life I had always dreamed of. I went down so many different paths for it. Career. Travel. Friends. Relationships. But none of them were as satisfying as I hoped they would be. 

Like many twenty-somethings, I tried desperately to discover the life of my dreams after college, but instead of finding it, I just kept accumulating baggage. I had school loans, car payments, electronics I couldn't afford, a house full of mismatched furniture I didn't love but that had become my own, hurt from broken relationships, and unmet expectations for what life was "supposed to be" like.

Just when I had given up all hope of finding the "life I'd always dreamed about," I decided to take a trip to all fifty states...because when you go on a trip, you can't take your baggage. What I found was that "packing light" wasn't as easy as I thought it was.

This is the story of that trip and learning to live life with less baggage.


Teachable Moments
Author: Marybeth Hicks
Binding Type:  Paperbacks

Publisher:    Howard Books
ISBN:  9781476757438

Retail Price:  $17.99
From the Publisher:
In Teachable Moments, Marybeth Hicks, former White House policy expert and media advisor on all things parenting, offers ways to teach your children about media and responsibility without shunning technology and culture. She suggests media be used as a tool to teach children to live moral and faithful lives. A handy reference book, Teachable Moments is an essential guide to helping your kids grow into responsible, well-informed, and faithful Christian adults.


The Controlling Husband
What Every Woman Needs To Know
Author: Dr. Ron Welch

Binding Type:  Paperback

Publisher:    Revell Publishers
ISBN:  9780800722302

Retail Price:  $13.99
From the Publisher:
'I can't live this way anymore.'
'I've given up trying to change him.'
'I can't ever be good enough.'
'He won't listen to me anyway.'

As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Ron Welch has heard many women in controlling marriages pour out their hearts. They feel trapped, helpless, stuck in a situation with no solution and no way out.

In this candid book, Welch offers real hope. He shows women how controlling husbands develop, why wives allow themselves to be controlled, and strategies to help both husband and wife change. Welch struggled as a controlling husband for years but found help and healing in his relationship with his wife. He uses that experience, as well as examples from the lives of the couples he's worked with, to show women that just because 'he's always been this way' doesn't mean their marriage must be that way forever. He teaches women valuable practical skills for coping with the challenges they face and transforming the power and control issues in their marriages.

For wives of controlling husbands, along with the friends and family members who love and are concerned about them, this is an essential resource. Counselors will also find it helpful as they work with hurting couples.

Dignity Revolution
Standing Up For The Value Of Every Person
Author:  Bob Lenz

Binding Type:  Hardcover

Publisher:    Life Promotions
ISBN:  9780985671631

Retail Price:  $15.00
From the Publisher:
Dignity Revolution challenges a societal system that simply isn’t working, and consequently is leading to intensified bullying incidences, suicide, and school violence.

“If this book does one thing, I hope it will teach people how to stop judging others by how they look or what they can or cannot do, but instead, see each individual as someone that needs love and deserves respect.” – Bob Lenz