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What’s Going on Here?

Tell them what great things the Lord has done for you.
Mark 5:19


A friend of Turning Points got tired of nuisance calls on his cell phone, but, upon reflection, decided to use the calls to practice his evangelism. If the caller is hawking credit cards, our friend replies, “I don’t need another card, but I take every opportunity of sharing the gift of God that money can never buy. May I tell you about it?” If the caller is selling vacation rentals, the man says, “I would love to tell you about the ultimate destination in life, a home in heaven.” And so forth. While the man hasn’t yet led a caller to Christ, he’s found several who listened to the Gospel. One salesman said, “Hey! What’s going on here? You’re the second person today who has told me that!”

We’re living in a day when we must be creative about sharing the Gospel, both personally and through our church ministries. Our culture is changing, and, while our message never changes, we need endless creativity in making sure we get the message to as many people as possible. Too many times we focus on keeping cultural traditions instead of reaching the lost wherever they are.

Jesus was nonconventional in His ministry. Let’s do as He did and tell others what great things the Lord has done for us.


If being conventional doesn’t succeed, try being original!
-Greg Laurie