Random Act of Kindness Challenge

Have you ever had a rough day and the Lord just sent you a little reminder that He's got you? Sending you a hug from Heaven! Well, we want you to accept the challenge to bless someone else with the KCFY Random Act of Kindness Challenge!

It can be anything from buying someone's cup of coffee, leaving extra quarters at the laundry mat, dropping off flowers at a local nursing home, to doing something crazy big for someone in need, whatever you feel the Lord leading you to do!  

All you do is stop by the studio and pick up a small card that says the following:

88.1 KCFY has challenged their listeners to participate in random acts of kindness to bless someone we don't know. I pray that as you receive this you know that you are loved beyond measure by our Lord and Savior, Jesus!

Have an awesome day!

It's that simple! We will post on our social media asking those who have been blessed by your random act to share their story if they want to, if not no worries God will receive all glory in it all anyway! We just want to do something to continue to let people know Jesus loves them!