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Waiting for Heaven:  Freedom from the Incurable Addiction to Self

Author: Larry Crabb
Binding Type:  Paperback
Publisher:    Larger Story Press
ISBN:  9781734735000
Retail Price:  $14.95
From the Publisher:
Are you tempted beyond your power to resist? There is no question that addictions soil our souls, eventually taking control of our lives. The energy and motivation needed to serve the cause of Christ gets badly short-changed. That's the bad news. Here's the good news. Biblical Christianity provides a way to rise up from this quicksand: Waiting! Learning to eagerly wait for the Lord's return is essential to overcoming the root demand beneath all addictions. But the choice to wait is easy to state but hard to make because arranging for a temporary and counterfeit experience quiets the demand of our tired and thirsty souls. While there is no path to walk that eliminates the struggle to resist temptation we can be moving into greater freedom from it every day. As we learn to wait eagerly for heaven when all our longings will be fully and forever satisfied, we will be inclined to live for one central reason: to make this life work as we want it to. Two things will then happen: -One, we will find ourselves driven by self-centeredness, by an addictive concern for our own felt well-being; -Two, whatever either numbs our discontent with things as they are or provides a convincing sense of satisfaction for our deeply felt longings will lead us toward addictions of any available variety, all fueled by a core addiction to self. Waiting for heaven to provide everything our souls yearn for, demanding nothing now, frees us to love well now, to delight God and to be there for others, requiring nothing in return. The result? Joy! The satisfaction of living and loving like Jesus.


Well with God:  An 8 Dimensional Approach to Achieving the Total Life Wellness God Has For You!

Author: Julie Van Orden, MHA
Binding Type:  Paperback
Publisher:    Julie Van Orden
ISBN:  9781734537802
Retail Price:  $16.99
From the Publisher:
With so much attention on becoming our “best self,” a fragmented view of wellness has emerged.

This perspective has us focused on diets, exercise programs, biometric screening numbers, stress levels, etc. More enlightened approaches have grown to include mental well-being and mindfulness, but few invite us to draw from the source, the Divine realm—the God realm.

True holistic wellness can only be accessed in the place where we’ve done our part as successfully as we can, given our mental and physical abilities, then submitting the rest to God. There, God takes us to a new level of wellness where we have joy and fulfillment that is hard to describe.

In this book, you will encounter the WELL WITH GOD model placing God at the center—the source—and influencing these eight dimensions of wellness:

  • Physical Wellness
  • Financial Wellness
  • Mental Wellness
  • Environmental Wellness
  • Occupational Wellness
  • Intellectual Wellness
  • Social Wellness
  • Spiritual Wellness

Upset the World

Author: Tim Ross
Binding Type:  Hardcover
Publisher:    Gateway Press
ISBN:  9781951227074
Retail Price:  $19.99
From the Publisher:
Following Jesus is not a safe course of action, it can upset your life and others. How does He do that? Through random acts of kindness, unexpected encounters, or a friendly stranger. Upsetting people can break down barriers and build relationships.
Pastor Ross teaches you how to:

  • Create a new ordinary of relating to others
  • Practice listening to and obeying the Holy Spirit’s voice
  • Learn how to do everyday evangelism
  • Love everybody (even people who disagree with you)
  • Change the way people think about Christianity

Upset the world with the message of hope and the love of Jesus Christ.


Pregnant and Praying

Author: Elaine Tomski
Binding Type:  Hardcover
Publisher:    CrossLink Publishing
ISBN:  9781633573130
Retail Price:  $13.95
From the Publisher:
Your child's journey has just begun, and concerns already riddle your mind.Not being able to see what's happening inside your womb can be unsettling.

Why not start praying for the precious one who's multiplying rapidly inside you?

Pregnant and Praying is a collection of simple prayers based on baby's prenatal development from weeks four through forty. This little book will relieve your anxiety in a big way as you talk to the one who knows everything about your precious child. God also knows everything about you and loves you dearly. He wants to replace your worries with his calm.

Here's what you'll find on the pages of Pregnant and Praying:

  • Weekly information about baby's physical development
  • A short prayer to get you talking to God
  • Encouraging scripture
  • Space to record your thoughts, personal prayers, or the hopes you hold dear for your child

Why not start praying today? God will lovingly enlarge your mama heart as he fashions your baby's teeny, tiny heart.


Hope in the Age of Addiction:  How to Find Freedom and Restore your Relationships

Author: Chip Dodd & Stephen James
Binding Type: Paperback
Publisher:    Revell
ISBN:  9780800729400
Retail Price:  $15.99
From the Publisher:
Between alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, pornography, gambling, and eating disorders, fully 25% of the population of the United States is addicted to something. Those addictions are taking a massive physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial toll on individuals, families, and communities. The problem can feel insurmountable. But there is a solution, at once ancient and supported by the latest in neuroscientific research.

With an honest assessment of the facts, yet always reaching out toward hopeful solutions, counselors Chip Dodd and Stephen James explain what addiction really is, how it works, and why it is so damaging to our hearts, souls, minds, and relationships. They then take us beyond mere coping techniques that allow us to function to the real solution--restoring our broken relationship with our Creator so that we can rediscover how to live fully the way we were created to live. Each chapter includes the personal story of a recovering addict, told from the addict's point of view. The authors also include a list of books, organizations, workshops, and treatment centers people can turn to for help along the road to lasting recovery.



Nasty Gets Us Nowhere:  Women and Men Succeeding Together

Author: Drenda Keesee
Binding Type:  Hardcover
Publisher:    Whitaker House
ISBN:  9781641235051
Retail Price:  $9.00
From the Publisher:
In today’s culture war of feminism, sexual fluidity, and confused gender roles, Nasty Gets Us Nowhere offers insight and answers that are rarely heard, especially in the media.
Exposed to the feminist message while in high school, author Drenda Keesee became a strong supporter of the movement, abandoning the idea of marriage and children… until life became unbearable. “Fortunately, when I came to the end of me, God was there,” she says.
In Nasty Gets Us Nowhere, Drenda provides statistics and solutions to confront the lies that she sees invading our culture at an accelerated pace and tells the true story that no one wants to talk about.

  • What happened to the family?
  • Men and women—whose fault is it?
  • The true science behind our differences
  • What men really want from women and vice versa
  • The cheat sheet everyone needs to resolve conflict
  • The new “S” word that’s critical to relationship success

Drenda reveals why men and women have conflict, what God’s plan for unity is, and how men and women can unite to create an unstoppable force.